Castles of the Conqueror

My loyal lords of Normandy… I would like to thank you for your support in my campaign for England and against the armies of Harold. Your deeds have not gone unnoticed, and I believe that a reward is in order. As of this moment, you all shall become my tenants-in-chief, where I will lease my lands to you in exchange for your continued services to this country. You will build castles to fortify and defend your manors, which will also serve as protection against any enemies that still linger on our borders. This may require careful rearrangement of your markets, artisans, and nobles in order to be secure, but also efficient. Do what I ask of you, and you shall gain my favor. If you should fail, I shall strip you of your land and title. Do not disappoint me. – William I, King of England, 1067

In Castles of the Conqueror, players will assume the role of tenants-in-chief, appointed by King William the Conqueror to build and fortify a castle in his/her manor. During the game, players will balance actions for gathering resources, building fortifications and hiring artisans while making decisions based on the season and his/her service to the King. After 3 years whoever has established the greatest castle to earn the most favor from the King wins!