Silly Aunt Sally

In Silly Aunt Sally, players will assume the role of cousins who are pitted against each other in another one of Silly Aunt Sally‚Äôs games. During the game, players will take turns adding score conditions and placing cards to a personal tableau to form polyomino patterns for various scoring opportunities. Once the deck runs out, tally up the score and whoever has the most points wins!

Players earn points by forming polyomino patterns in the tableau that match both the pattern and color score modifiers in the row. As score modifiers are added to a pattern row this will change how each player can earn points while playing the game.

Once the deck runs out, tally up the scores and whoever has the most points wins!

Silly Aunt Sally is the second game in the Risible Relatives Series. Each game in the series is a standalone 54-card game for 1-2 players that can also be combined with each game in the series for a different experience.


  • Silly Aunt Sally was a semi-finalist contestant in The Game Crafter’s Solo Duo Challenge (sponsored by Board Game Design Lab)

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