Wacky Cousin Wendell

In Wacky Cousin Wendell, players will assume the role of cousins who are pitted against each other in another one of Wacky Cousin Wendell’s games. During the game, players will simultaneously place cards to a personal tableau to form polyomino patterns for various scoring opportunities.

Once each player has played all 5 cards into their tableau, then each player will clean up their tableau by setting all score conditions acquired for the round aside into stacks of tetrominos and pentominos, splayed out so that the score conditions are visible. Players receive victory points at the end of the game by multiplying the sum of matching symbols on tetromino score conditions by the sum of points earned for the same symbol on pentomino score conditions.

After three rounds, tally up the scores and whoever has the most points wins!

Wacky Cousin Wendell is the third game in the Risible Relatives Series. Each game in the series is a standalone 54-card game for 1-2 players that can also be combined with each other game in the series for a different experience.


  • Wacky Cousin Wendell was a contestant in Board Game Geek’s 2022 54-Card Game Design Contest. Though the game was not voted by the community in any categories, it did receive praise from each of its play testers!

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