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News / Update

Castles of the Conqueror 2019 -- 05/06/2019
     Check out the Castles of the Conqueror Overview video and Sell Sheet for a look at our current work in progress. We're currently submitting 2019 events at Protospiel in Chelsea, MI (mid-July), First Exposure Playtest Hall (FEPH) at GenCon (early August), and GrandCon in Grand Rapids, MI (Late August). We'll be sure to update our event dates/times once they're assigned at each convention. We look forward to sharing this amazing strategy game with you!

GrandCon 2018 -- 07/28/2018
     GrandCon event registration is now open and we will be hosting learn to play events for the newest work in progress, Castles of the Conqueror. Most of the artwork has been finished and we’re excited to invite players of all ages to challenge themselves to this strategy game unlike any other. Our events are throughout the day on Friday and Saturday, September 14-15th 2018. Use the Schedule of Events search engine and search for Castles of the Conqueror; event #’s are 89-94. See you there!

GenCon 2018 -- 02/05/2018
     GenCon event registration for 2018 is on May 6th. We just submitted a few Dead Apocalypse Learn to Play events from 1-3pm Thursday - Saturday. Use the search engine on GenCon.com. Game IDs are CGM18129842, CGM18129845, and CGM18129847.

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