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Dead Apocalypse

Dead Apocalypse is a medium paced survival deckbuilding game that takes place amidst a present day zombie apocalypse. As a hero with sight set on survival, you must work with your allies in search of human survivors and equipment that may be of use in fending off the zombie horde. Trust is valuable and key to survival, but who knows one's motives. Only a true hero can be prepared to make hard decisions, at times you may be required to give up your base camp to ensure another human's survival. At other times, you wont be so fortunate...

Dead Apocalypse is a fully cooperative deckbuilding game, meaning all players strive for the same goal and either win together or lose together. Dead Apocalypse is 1-4 players so if there isn't someone in your company you still have the opportunity to try to fight for survival all alone. Don't fret though because there are other game variants for those seeking an easier game or a more competitive game.

Game Objective:

  • For cooperative play -- Overcome the zombie horde and find safe haven at the CDC!
  • For competitive play -- Outlast your opponent by not receiving infections in order to have the largest group of human survivors in your deck!

For a free preview of what is coming download a condensed Print and Play of Dead Apocalypse Here!

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