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About Us

My name is Jchon E. Bahl II (pronounced “Shawn Ball”) and I am an aspiring game designer who decided to create my own brand to help me promote my analog games. My goal is to design, create and publish innovative and fun games for people to enjoy playing with their friends.

My latest games are all solitaire and multiplayer, they can be played cooperatively and competitively, and there are variations to make the game more (or less) difficult. I have independently designed, developed and managed the creation of the deckbuilding card game Dead Apocalypse from conception to completion. I had to arrange a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, supervise artists, produce the card and packaging design, and host events at gaming conventions GenCon and GrandCon. Currently, I’ve been playtesting my latest strategy game, Castles of the Conqueror, while putting my graphic design degree to use by creating artwork for all the pieces for a more polished product.

At the end of the day I hope to find a publisher to help me fund my next game (and the next, and the next). Even though I appreciate the independent journey of producing art, crowd-funding, and hiring a manufacturer – my hopes are to focus on what is most important to me: designing a fun game with creative mechanics that people will be excited to play and share with others.

Here are some of the most influential resources I have read and I hope sharing them will inspire you too:

  • Games for Change and In the workplace: Jane McGonigal, Daniel Pink, Yu-kai Chou
  • Turn Order – gamesprecipice.com (on phone)
  • Machinations – advanced game design book and balancing system
  • Crowdfunding - Jamey stegmaier book
  • Courting a Game Publisher – JamesMathe.com
  • Game Design Concepts – Ian Schreiber course on wordpress.com
  • 50 Classical Games all Eurogamers should play

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