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About Us

My name is Jchon E. Bahl II (prounounced "Shawn Ball") and I like to think of myself as a game designer who is very passionate about gameplay in board/card games. One thing to know about me is I love card and board games for their mechanics. The more original the better. Sometimes that means sophisticated and complex, but not always. I would say a great game is one that is well-balanced and quick to learn/play.

I also believe that a renowned company or person is not the only one capable of developing a good game, nor do high sales translate to a well designed game. In my opinion, a good game should alleviate distress, encourage decision-making, examine creativity, offer innovation and I firmly believe that player choice needs to outweigh chance. A player should feel as if he/she is excelling even if in the context of the rules, he/she may not be. We all crave the feeling that we're in a state of flow; or the perfect balance between the challenge a game offers and the skill or ability of the player. I for one cannot feel anything but satisfied while playing this kind of game and I have a strong argument to claim and deem a game worthy of being called a "good game".

Mystery Suit Games objective is to develop an analog game (board/card/table-top game) for the purpose of gaining industry experience as well as determine a person's interest in the game by analyzing its long-term replayability over time.

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